Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is perhaps the most powerful online marketing tool available today. You can advertise directly on major search engines like and and generate targeted traffic and leads super fast.

At the same time SEM also needs a dedicated budget. Unlike Seo which is relatively inexpensive, sem requires investment. Depending on your business goals and roi, you can invest any amount into SEM.

PPC is the most popular form of SEM where you pay for clicks to your website. When someone searches your targeted keyword on google, your site is shown up as an advertisement. If the user clicks and visits your site, you are charged some money by Google.

Google Adwords is the leading platform for ppc advertisement and we have been doing ppc advertisments for clients for many years now. Managing a ppc ad campaign requires skill and effort to increase the roi and get greater returns on the same investment. That is why you need to hire experts like us.

How we do it

For a successful ppc ad campaign a proper strategy needs to be build and carried meticulously. Every business and product needs a very different approach. We use our experience do make a plan that delivers the needed results.

SEM is a multi-step process but briefly contains the following –

  • Setting up goals and making a strategy
  • Modifying the website to perform better with ads
  • Keyword analysis
  • Running ad campaigns
  • Monitoring and Optimising
  • Checking the ROI
  • Rinse and Repeat

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