Web Design and Development

Looking to launch your own website for your business or company. At Omikrosys we have been developing websites for over a decade and we believe that with our expertise we can build for you the right kind of website that meets your business goals and delivers the expected results.

Our Process

We examine the various requirements of your business or product and come up with a unique solution for building the website that strongly markets your brand online.


We build websites with all necessary features that make them stand apart from the rest of the competition.

  • Responsive – Besides laptops and desktops, all websites made by us work perfectly well on handheld devices including smartphones and tablets
  • SEO Friendly – Websites are made seo friendly from ground up. This ensures greater visibility on search engines and more traffic.
  • Secure – Fully secured
  • Fast – Websites load fast which improves user experience

Responsive web design – Websites today need to display properly on all kinds of gadgets like smartphones and tablets. This makes the websites easier to use by your visitors. It also boosts the seo strength of your website.

Seo Friendly – Websites must be seo friendly in order to gain rankings and exposure on search engines like Google. Without SEO your website would not be as useful or productive to your needs.


After developing and launching your website, we take its care all along and maintain it healthy. Website maintenance involves monitoring your website for uptime, taking backup, ensuring security and a number of other things.

With our website maintenance services you can relax and make yourself free from the task of having to monitor your website. We do it for you.

For more details about website maintenance check out the following page – Website Maintenance

Pricing and Cost

We make websites at affordable prices. The cost depends on a variety of factors including size, content and other things. Our prices for a standard wordpress site start as low as $200. For agencies planning to outsource work in bulk there is discount available.

To learn more about the pricing contact us, and get a free no obligation quote.

Contact Us

Mail – omikrosys@gmail.com