What is the cost for developing a standard website in India

Website Cost

Businesses who are yet planning to launch their own website are too wary of the prices and costs involved. Primarily because IT services like web development are not packaged goods that come with a somewhat standard price tag attached.

It is completely a service and involves costs at all points where there is work involved. This makes the price slightly unpredictable but not totally unexpected.

The main factors that determine the cost of a standard static website are :

1. Domain and hosting costs, involving renewals.
2. Development of the design and theme.
3. Constructing each page along with images and videos.
4. Further Modifications

So the key factor that determines the cost of the website is its size and any fancy features needed. For most static websites the cost largely depends on the number of pages, amount of content to be developed and written.

The cost will also depending on the size of the firm you are hiring for the job. Larger agencies will tend to charge more as they have larger operating costs compared to smaller agencies and individual freelancers. The cheapest option could be to learn and develop the site yourself, which is not a practical solution for businesses unless they have dedicated IT staff members handling the job.

Cost of Initial Development

The cost of initial development can start as low as Rs. 6000/- for quality services and go up as high as Rs. 30,000/-

  • Low End – Rs. 6000
  • Higher – Rs. 30,000

The high end prices are mostly quoted by larger agencies with a big team. Smaller agencies will quote somewhere in the range of Rs. 15000/-

Each price scheme will have its own set of features like number of pages, hosting space, cms features, seo features etc. So carefully check all the features and make sure that you get the most return on your investment.

Maintenance and further development

A site needs maintenance after it has been developed. This involves a bunch of critical tasks like taking backups, ensuring uptime and security and monitoring for any other technical issues.

Maintenance cost may or may not involve limited service for modifications to the site. Some agencies would agree to do minor modifications for websites under maintenance, while some would charge separately based on the size of the task.

Maintenance in most cases is charged annually and for a standard static website with about 10 pages, it can start as low as Rs. 2000 for a simple website and be as high as Rs. 12000 or even more

The pricing will again depend on the size of website and the size of the firm or agency you have hired. Sites with more pages are bigger in size and will likely cost more in maintenance and vice versa for small sites.

Service and Support is a key factor

After sales service is perhaps an equally important process involved in web development. Web development is not a one time task. After your website is up and running, you would need to update it regularly with new and updated information about your business and add more content as and when necessary.

If you are getting seo services this process gets even more intense. So its imperative that whoever you hire should be able to provide seamless service and support without any hitches.

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